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Reiserücktrittskostenversicherung - Jahrespolice -

Assurance annulation voyage - police annuelle -

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Product Information Sheet

You are interested in taking out travel insurance with HanseMerkur? A good choice! This information sheet is intended to give you a quick overview of the various options available. Please note, however, that this does not contain all of the information relating to your policy. For a full version of the contents of the policy, kindly refer to the insurance application form, the insurance policy and the terms and conditions of insurance.

What type of insurance is this?
Your insurance is a travel insurance.

What is the scope of your insurance cover?

The travel cancellation-costs insurance covers the costs incurred when you are unable to go on your trip for an event that is covered by the insurance. Such insured events include among others an unexpected, severe illness, a serious accident, pregnancy, etc.. For a full description of the cover provided, please refer to the section "Travel Cancellation-Costs Insurance” in the Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

What do you have to note in connection with the payment of premiums?
Insurance cover commences with the payment of the premium at the earliest. For due dates and other details, please refer to section § 3 of the Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

What is not insured?
Some events are excluded from insurance cover. In particular, no insurance cover is offered for the following:
If the policyholder or the insured person has wilfully instigated the event covered by the insurance.

What obligations arise at the time of conclusion of contract?
At the time of conclusion of contract you must have disclosed all information fully and truly. If you fail to do so, your insurance cover is endangered!

What obligations do you have to fulfil if an event covered by the insurance occurs?
Make sure that the damage incurred remains as small as possible! Avoid everything that might lead to an unnecessary increase in costs. Notify HanseMerkur immediately about the damage incurred. For further obligations, please refer to "Obligations“ in the Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

What are the legal consequences, if you fail to meet your obligations?
Very important: If you violate your obligations, HanseMerkur is entitled to reduce the benefits due by an amount corresponding to the gravity of the violation. This can even lead to a complete loss of insurance cover. For more details in this connection, see the Terms and Conditions of Insurance ("Obligations“ and "Violation of Obligations“).

When does your insurance cover begin and when does it end?
The insurance cover begins with the payment of the premium at the earliest, though not before the agreed date of commencement, and it ends on the agreed expiry date.

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