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DAK - Statutory health insurance for students
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By sending the form you are entering into a binding agreement to conclude an insurance policy via Care Concept® AG in Bonn with DAK - Gesundheit . After having filled out the online form, you will receive a confirmation by email. After successful assessment of your application, we will also send you your registration for student health insurance by mail within two working days. You need to sign this and return it to us. We will also send you your Insurance Certificate, which you need to submit on matriculation. In the event of further questions Care Concept is only to be pleased to be of service in several languages on the free number from the fixed-line telephone network in Germany 0800 977 35 00 otherwise dial +49 228 97735-11.

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Insurance type
Statutory health insurance for students
Insurable persons
Age at beginning
EUR 91,32 / Month
- Age: 29 Years / semester: 15
  • Statutory health insurance for students
Studentenversicherung • Description • Studentenversicherung statutory health insurance for students students Information
Studentenversicherung • online application • Studentenversicherung statutory health insurance for students students online application

*For a complete list of benefits see the general insurance conditions (GTI).